Product Materials

We endeavour to make all of our products animal friendly, we don't use any real leather or suede as in this modern day we dont feel animal suffering is needed to produce high quality luxury accessories for watch and jewellery lovers.

We use high quality vegan polyurethane and we use a high grade microfibre for the inside lining of our watch rolls and buttoned cushions. 

What is ‘Saffiano’ style leather?

Most people are familiar with Saffiano leather which has become very popular in recent years. Even though the leather was used exclusively by Prada for decades. The leather has gained such popularity because it combines exceptional durability and stain resistance with elegance and class.

Saffiano leather originated in Italy where it was believed to have been invented by Mario Prada himself. Prada patented the new leather style and has used it for many of its most successful bags ever since. Once the patent expired, other brands started using Saffiano leather as well.

Saffiano leather is famous for its diagonal lines and cross-hatch pattern which are machine-pressed into the wax coating of the leather giving it a slight sheen. Leather which gain their grain pattern by this kind of stamping method are also called “textured leathers”. Saffiano leather can be made of vegan or real leather. Offering great elegance and style for everyone. (watches not included).

TLWB is not in any way associated or affiliated with Prada.


What is ‘Epi’ style leather?

In 1985, the Louis Vuitton company introduced Epi leather. This was the first line of leather goods they offered, and this was the first type of leather they used. Initially, it was comprised primarily of handbags. Since it’s launch Epi leather has become a Louis Vuitton staple, the pattern synonymous with the brand.

Epi leather is usually very smooth, supple, and soft to the touch. This type of leather usually has a pattern stamped into it resembling textured, horizontal lines. This texture creates both a unique visual pattern, as well as a special feel when held and touched.

Often, Epi leather is dyed vibrant colors. Some are more matte, or muted as referenced as “Classic Epi Leather”. Others have more of a polished, shiny finish, referred to as “Electric Epi Leather” It is finished with a coating that makes it water and scratch resistant. This results in a leather that looks great, performs well, and is scratch resistant. (watches not included).

TLWB is not in any way associated or affiliated with Louis Vuitton.