About Us

A bunch of watch enthusiasts and lovers based in the United Kingdom, we saw that with the luxury watch market ever growing and luxury timepieces becoming more and more popular, people should be able to look after their expensive treasured pieces that they work so hard to obtain.


We wanted to provide luxury elegant accessories that not only complement your timepieces and jewellery, but also preserve and care for them, without breaking the bank.


We decided to see if we could bridge this gap in the market, we started our work early 2020, and just over a year later we decided once we were happy with our products to introduce them to you and The Luxury Watch Brand was born.


We have many ideas and plans for more innovative ideas and solutions for watch storage and preservation for the future so stay tuned, sign up to our VIP club to become a part of the TLWB family and receive exclusive discounts immediately after sign up as well as information on new product arrivals.


We hope you love our products just as much as we do TLWB.