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The Luxury Watch Brand

The Luxury Watch Brand is based in the United Kingdom.

Our products are designed and developed by our team.

Handcrafted with the finest materials from around the globe.

Exploring Innovative Solutions.

With an eye catching design which removes the stigma of watch winders being hidden away in a cupboard or wardrobe, we have the TLWB Orbital Winder not only is it mesmerising to watch but also provides a useful function of keeping your favourite timepiece fully wound and ready to be worn at the correct date and time.

Tried And Tested

All of our products have been tried and tested by ourselves (watch lovers) after designs and endless samples, we meticulously inspected the build quality and materials used to create our products, it was only then that we decided to introduce them to you.

Handmade Luxury Products

All my friends love my 'Orbital Winder' such a cool winder to have on display. I could watch it all day.


The TLWB valet tray is really something i didn’t know i needed it is perfect for changing out my watch straps and also keeping some daily essentials tidy.


I love that your watches get secured into the watch roll individually so they don't move around giving them great protection.